Strada Services

Tailored services to boost your company efficiency, and support your daily routine, complementing your digital solutions.


  • Analysis of driver data (Time & penalty)
  • Vehicle data analysis
  • Consolidation of pre-payroll elements
  • Follow-up & Treatment of
  • Operations breakdown alerts
  • Geolocation device analysis
  • Exploit your data’s additional value

360° Vision

On driver / vehicle data

  Add to your bottom-line

Assistance regulatory

  • Risk reporting, examination of your current circumstances (discrepancies, action advice, preventative controls)
  • Processing, and follow-up of disputes
  • Telematic submission of the inspection
  • Support for Administrative Inspections
  • Processing & communication of offences
  • Processing customer requests
  • Documentation control
  • Regulatory Advice

 Reduced criminal risk

 Reduction in the % of total cost of offences

Assistance operating

  • Entry and integration of your orders.
  • Inventory/warehouse management.
  • pre-invoicing management.
  • Control of proof of delivery.
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Creation of media (videos, manuscripts) specific to the client’s activity.
  • Printing of reports (modification log, offences, summaries…)
  • Processing and follow-up of instructions.
  • Traceability of goods
  • Making an appointment
  • Help to make the most of your data

  + operational efficiency

 Decrease in discrepancies