Time is a central management software that collects and stores data from driver cards and any kind of tachograph. . Its advanced business features, including the addition of driving break certificates, road cost management and offences, will enable you to always comply with the regulations.

Time Features


Collect your time information

Dashboard of Alerts
Import, storage and retrieval of driver and vehicule files
List of employees / vehicles and graphics of activities
Events / anomalies and special conditions
Activity graph and reports


Manage your time

Modification of activities / report and by letter
Assignment and management of profiles, activities and groups
Calculation of offences / report and by letter
Expense allocation and reports
Driving assignment without card with capacity to add comments
Simplified administrative management
Activity forecast graphs and reports


Optimize your time

Resources schedule and creation of standard day sheets
Absence management
Cost management and geolocation
Profile management
Export to payroll software