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For over 30 years, Strada, a transport software publisher, has been offering solutions aimed at enhancing, optimizing, and managing your transportation activities. Our solutions provide complete control over your operations—from planning to resource management—and contribute to the growth of your business. Explore our various transport IT solutions that simplify decision-making, provide real-time data access, and ensure compliance with legal and social obligations.
These tools streamline the daily tasks of your teams: drivers, operators, and executives !


Ensure Compliance with Social Data and Vehicles Using Our Solution: Manage driver hours (driving time, work, availability, rest periods…) and read tachograph data to maintain compliance. 

Our embedded solutions provide safety and comfort for both drivers and operators.

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Ensure real-time tracking and instant management of vehicle and driver data. Maximize efficiency with our solution that centralizes all your information: truck and driver geolocation, travel and speed history, work time tracking, consumption monitoring, tire pressure checks, temperature recording, and various sensor data.
Clear dashboards provide quick access to all your data. 

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Efficiently manage planning, order entry, route organization, mission assignments, and invoicing. Our comprehensive and reliable solution, with centralized data, empowers you to optimize your daily operations. 

Operators, automate your tasks and centralize all actions to enhance performance!

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Analyze and track the maintenance of your trucks using our dedicated software solution. Manage all mechanical actions performed on your fleet (oil changes, maintenance, part replacements...) and centralize the management of your inventory.

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Connect Seamlessly with Your Drivers Using the Strada Pilot Mobile App! A true interface for your drivers, Strada Pilot provides real-time access to their assigned tasks, daily activities, driving data, and all your communications. 

This app is also useful for streamlining processes, including managing the E-CMR (electronic consignment note).

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The power of Stradaworld,  
Saas Solutions ! 

Welcome to the world of Stradaworld! 
An ecosystem offering online solutions that seamlessly connect drivers, vehicles, operations, and management. Our SaaS solution provides secure access to critical information. 

Manage your operations from planning to resource allocation, making informed decisions anytime, anywhere, on any device. StradaWorld streamlines your daily tasks, providing immediate real-time access to key information! With powerful technology, our comprehensive solution centralizes and manages all your operations through a single platform. 

Propel your business toward success! !

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Strada Support ! 

Our client service team, based in Bressuire (France), consists of 10 experts who provide daily support to our valued clients. Available, responsive, and attentive, our technicians are your trusted guides, ensuring optimal utilization of our solutions. Strada Support, proudly 100% French, delivers top-notch service while adhering to legal regulations related to transport activities.

Web Development Wizards : At the heart of our company lies our web development team !

These experts embody our core expertise as transport software publishers. With a deep understanding of various skills—from HTML coding to architectural design and rigorous quality testing—they conceptualize and create each business solution, guaranteeing efficient software. Witness how our team shapes the future of technology in the transport sector.

Industry-Savvy French Experts ! 

Our “Industry” team brings true domain expertise to the table. Covering areas such as geolocation, legal and vehicle data management, mission tracking, and planning, our 5 experts delve deep into our solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs. Their sector knowledge, combined with a profound understanding of transport challenges, ensures that our solutions exceed client expectations. 

30 Years of Excellence and Expertise !

With over three decades of software publishing experience, Strada has established a robust reputation in the transportation industry. Our recognized expertise enables us to provide essential and high-performing IT solutions to carriers. Putting our clients at the forefront, we streamline access to critical information, empowering everyone to make strategic decisions swiftly. Our mission? To be the trusted partner for transporters in France and across Europe ! 

Over 5,000 clients in France and Europe trust us !