The power of Stradaworld

A single digital platform to control all of your data.

Our innovative SaaS platform offers you a solution to efficiently organize, manage, and control your daily transportation activities, all with secure access to all your data. Thanks to our expertise and constant commitment to excellence, we have designed an intuitive and powerful digital platform tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Simplify your processes, optimize your routes, efficiently manage your fleet operations, and track your vehicles in real-time, all from any device - computers, smartphones, tablets. 

Whether you are a small local business or a large international fleet, STRADA supports you in your growth by providing you with the tools you need to succeed in an ever-evolving market.


Transform the management of your transport activities with a secure, high-performance full SaaS solution!  

Thanks to our full SaaS solution, you can use all your data to manage your operations in total security.
Discover the human, technical and technological pillars that make our platform a major asset for your business.  

An agile human team at the service of innovation  

Thanks to its teams of developers and the AGILE method, Strada adapts to market changes and technological innovations. Our teams strive to offer IT solutions that meet customers' needs, while also identifying product opportunities.

Development, being at the heart of our organizational culture, also integrates a security component throughout the lifecycle of our IT solutions. By applying the DevSecOps approach to the initial infrastructure, Strada ensures that all applications meet the numerous information security requirements. 

Safety is at the heart of our platform, our eco-system, our everyday life. 

At Strada, security is an absolute priority. Our platform meets the most stringent standards, and benefits from several levels of protection:  

  • Hosting on ISO 27001-certified cloud infrastructures  

  • Application of the Security by Design approach for enhanced security right from the design stage 

  • Close collaboration between development and security teams

  • Compliance with Google Cloud CSA and SCO2 standards 


Compliant and transparent data processing  

Strada is committed to ensuring transparent and compliant data processing for all its applications and customers. This translates into : 

  • A high level of confidentiality  

  • Data integrity 

  • Information availability for optimum service continuity 

  • Protection of personal data  

  • Regular checks to ensure compliance with current regulations 

Ongoing safety awareness  

Strada is committed to raising awareness and training its teams in IT security issues. This translates into : 

  • Workshops and awareness campaigns  

  • A rigorous internal security policy  

  • A strong commitment to a high level of service 

Strada is much more than just a transport management solution.
It's a trusted partner committed to supporting you in the digital transformation of your business, while guaranteeing the security and compliance of your data. 

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