Commercial Fleets

Commercial vehicles, light utility vehicles... Strada accompanies companies in the complete management of your fleet, addressing the challenges of tomorrow! Discover them now!

Strada: The all-in-one solution to optimize the management of your commercial fleet

Strada supports businesses with a fleet of commercial vehicles, whether they are utility vehicles or light commercial vehicles, in optimizing their operational costs and improving their employees' travel. With our software solutions, transform fleet management into a productivity lever, based on in-depth analysis of your data. Whether your fleet consists of 1 to over 1000 vehicles, we offer tailored solutions to energize your business and lead you to new successes.

STRADA stands by your side to manage your vehicle fleet and is committed to meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

Challenge 1 - Maximizing Performance and Management of Commercial Fleets

In a constantly evolving world, optimizing performance and efficiently managing commercial fleets become paramount challenges. Companies seek to improve their operations to remain competitive and meet the growing demands of consumers.

To achieve this, it is crucial to adopt innovative strategies and equip oneself with technological tools to optimize every aspect of fleet management. With Strada, reduce your administrative time to focus solely on your business: piloting and controlling your teams, fulfilling your customer promise, and growing your revenue.

Challenge 2 - Digital Revolution: Data Analysis at the Heart of Transformation

In an ever-evolving commercial landscape, digital transformation has become essential for companies wishing to maintain their agility and competitiveness, regardless of their industry. At the center of this revolution lies data analysis, which has become an indispensable tool for guiding decisions, anticipating market trends, and improving operational efficiency.

Investing in advanced technological solutions is essential for companies looking to fully leverage this digital revolution. These solutions enable the efficient collection, analysis, and utilization of data, thereby offering the opportunity to optimize performance and stay ahead of the competition..

Challenge 3 - Cost and Emission Reduction: The Era of Eco-Driving

The pressure to reduce operational costs, particularly regarding diesel expenditure, encourages companies with a commercial fleet to seek more sustainable practices.

By raising awareness among your salespeople and craftsmen to adopt smoother and less fuel-intensive driving, you can achieve significant diesel savings for your company while reducing your CO2 emissions. Implementing such actions offers tangible opportunities to realize significant savings for your organization.

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Real-Time Team Tracking 

Strada offers you the ability to track your teams in real-time, regardless of their role (sales, craftsmen) or mode of transportation (car, utility vehicle).

Strada is more than just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution for managing your mobile teams, allowing you to increase productivity, efficiency, and responsiveness.

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Contrôlez, veillez et sensibilisez vos équipes

Our Strada tools provide you with the ability to control, monitor, and effectively educate your employees on the use of their vehicles. Tracking mileage, monitoring driving hours, knowing routes... features that ensure responsible use and contribute to promoting a culture of responsibility within the company. Strada is committed to supporting you in promoting responsible driving and optimal use of your company vehicles

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