Strada supports companies in the industrial sector by organizing and managing their own vehicle fleet.
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Organize and Drive Your Transportation Business ! 

As an expert in the transportation industry, Strada offers you unique, tailor-made solutions to organize, collect, and process data related to your company's transportation activities. With a fleet of trucks and drivers to manage internally, you are subject to legal regulations for carriers. In addition to complying with this legal framework, Strada supports you in providing an overview of all your transportation activities

But Strada is more than just a fleet management solution—it’s a true partner in digitizing your operations. We offer industry expertise and customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Streamline Legal Data Management for Your Heavy Vehicles 

To comply with the legal framework of your transportation business, Strada supports you with peace of mind in managing legal and social data for your heavy vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons. Our solution allows you to:

  • Collect Driver Card Data every 28 days, in accordance with regulations.

  • Download and Archive Tachograph Data every 90 days, without the risk of loss or non-compliance.

  • Centralize All Your Legal and Social Data in one place for easy and secure access. 

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Geolocate Your Vehicles Anytime 

With Strada, take full control of your fleet and enhance your operational efficiency.

With our real-time geolocation and tracking solution, you have an accurate view of the location of your vehicles and drivers. Plan and optimize your routes to reduce transportation times and thereby impact fuel consumption. With real-time tracking, you can also locate your assets at any time, reducing the risk of theft.

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Enhance Customer Satisfaction Deliver a Transparent Delivery Experience

Offer your customers a transparent delivery experience through tracking. Your customers have full visibility into the routing of their deliveries, from departure to arrival time. Through route and resource optimization, deliveries are made on time and within budget. With this transparency, a climate of trust is established with your customers, contributing to their long-term loyalty.

Strada : More Than Just Fleet Management A Reliable Partner for Your Digital Operations  

At Strada, we go beyond mere fleet management.. . 

 We’re your trusted partner in navigating the digital landscape of your operations

Our industry expertise allows us to tailor customized solutions to meet your unique needs

And with our dedicated customer service, we ensure your satisfaction is optimized.

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