A breakdown or an event requires the immediate attention of your teams

Track and easily change your agents' missions with Strada !

Thanks to the power of Strada's solutions, you benefit from total visibility of your teams and equipment in your service missions.

Geolocate your agents, drivers and vehicles, manage your operations, collect mandatory data... Discover the essential points to simplify your fleet management and stay focused on your business!

Comply with the legal framework for HGVs over 3.5T 

To comply with legislation concerning heavy goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, it is essential to meet the legal requirements for collecting driver card data (every 28 days) and unloading tachographs (every 90 days). 

Thanks to Strada and our tools, you can collect, centralize and archive all this legal and social data, guaranteeing seamless compliance.  

Find out how to collect your driving data ! 

Maximize fleet efficiency

Give your local authority or institution the opportunity to maximize the efficiency of its vehicle fleet with our solutions. Specially designed to meet the needs of public authorities, our tools provide real-time tracking of your vehicles, giving you a precise overview of their location and the activity of your resources.

With Strada, you can optimize your vehicles' routes, reducing travel time and fuel costs. What's more, our geolocation system enables you to constantly monitor the location of your assets and vehicles, reducing the risk of theft or damage.

Track your assets in real time

Fleet management

As essential as it is little-known, a well-managed fleet is a lever for optimizing safety, service performance and profitability.

Strada Park improves vehicle productivity by offering resource optimization tools: fuel management, route definition, fleet maintenance management.

As an option, Strada Park includes EDM - Electronic Document Management - for scanning and archiving all vehicle-related documents, or a complete claim file, for example.

With our solution, you can manage and organize your operations efficiently, minimize waiting times and maximize the use of your equipment, resulting in greater overall efficiency and increased service. 

Manage your transport business

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