Track your fleet in real-time

Optimize fleet management through vehicle geolocation. 

Tracking the real-time position of each vehicle using dedicated software provides complete visibility into your fleet’s usage. You can precisely monitor driving time, track routes taken, and assess driving conditions for your drivers.

This geolocation system also offers the flexibility needed to act swiftly and make rapid decisions, ensuring optimal business performance.

In summary, vehicle geolocation enhances fleet efficiency, optimizes routes, reduces travel time, and ensures better resource management, ultimately contributing to your company’s overall profitability.


Why Real-Time Fleet Tracking Matters

 Route Optimization :
Enhance efficiency by optimizing routes.

Resource Management Improvement :
Better manage your resources.

Driver Safety Reinforcement :
Strengthen driver safety. 

Key Features of Our Solution

Real-Time Tracking: Geolocation 

With our real-time tracking solution, efficiently monitor your vehicle fleet. Gain instant visibility into the routes taken and time spent on each driver activity. This feature empowers you to make informed real-time decisions, optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing fleet productivity.

Collect and Monitor Technical Data Using Sensors 

Tracking technical data for your fleet is crucial to ensuring safety and operational efficiency. By installing sensors on your vehicles, you can monitor various parameters such as tire pressure, cargo compartment temperature, or even door openings. This surveillance allows you to track every aspect of your deliveries, ensuring service quality and compliance.

Furthermore, with customized scenarios, you can set up specific alerts to be informed of abnormal situations, enabling swift intervention and prevention of potential incidents.

Anticipate and Configure Your Alerts 

Customize alerts based on your operational needs: define exclusion zones and/or specific routes on the map, and track your vehicles’ interactions with these zones in real time.

Our solution allows you to receive detailed reports and generate informative or preventive alerts regarding compliance with European and French regulations related to drivers’ working hours, breaks, and driving.

You also have the option to create other preventive and/or informative alerts, such as zone entries and exits or driving without proper documentation. This feature helps ensure regulatory compliance and enhances operational safety by identifying potentially ‘risky’ behaviors.

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