Manage your vehicle costs

Control your vehicle costs for optimal fleet management. 

Your priority is to ensure the safety of your drivers, vehicles, and all road users. But in addition to that, efficient management of your fleet costs is essential to ensure the profitability of your business.

With our solution, you can not only optimize driver safety through well-maintained, reliable vehicles that are up to date on mandatory inspections, but also track and control expenses related to your fleet.

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Why is it essential to control your vehicle costs ? 

Ensure proper maintenance of your vehicle fleet


Ensure the profitability of your equipment


Prevent vehicle downtime and unexpected technical issues

Never miss a regulatory inspection

Key Features of Our Solution

Track your vehicle maintenance deadlines 

Independently manage the planning and tracking of all your equipment deadlines. Whether it's kilometers traveled, operating hours, or periods of use, our solution allows you to efficiently manage maintenance schedules, ensuring the reliability and durability of your equipment.

Analyze the costs and consumption of your vehicles 

Centralize all expenses related to maintenance, fuel consumption, insurance, leases, and other expenses you wish to track in one place. For each of your vehicles, you can easily create a "record" based on their energy efficiency, operating and financial costs.

Analyze consumption trends to identify savings opportunities, anticipate eco-driving courses, and optimize the use of your resources. Our solution provides a comprehensive summary of these costs, allowing you to better control them. With this visibility, you can make informed decisions to best manage your budget..

Track Your Maintenance Activities

Centralize all maintenance expenses for your vehicle fleet in one place. Whether you have a workshop or not, our solution allows you to track every cost associated with your business down to the last cent. This provides you with a clear and precise overview of maintenance expenses, enabling better budget control and resource management optimization.

Centralize Vehicle Document Management 

Within our tool, gather all documents related to your vehicles, from technical documents to supplier invoices. Consolidate vehicle registration papers, mandatory documents, inspection reports, accident reports, and much more, simplifying all your administrative tasks. This centralization helps optimize productivity gains, profitability, and storage space, while providing more comfort to your employees. 

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