Leverage Your Workforce Data

Strada supports you in implementing and monitoring your drivers’ and vehicles’ working hours.
This convenience ensures the compliance of your operations with ease.

Unlock the Value of Your Workforce Data with Strada

Our solution streamlines regulatory compliance by simplifying driver time management, ensuring precise pre-pay calculations.

Analyze, Control, and Steer Your Resources for Swift Decision-Making. Explore our essential features : 

  • Time Tracking : Anticipate overages during specific periods.
  • Infraction Management : Inform and train your team to prevent recurring violations.
  • Customized Expense Calculations : Automatically compute tailored travel costs.
  • Pre-Pay Management : Efficiently handle payroll and ancillary expenses while adhering to industry standards and regulations.

Drive Your Teams with Detailed Reports and simplify essential information management. Strada provides an effective way to manage payroll and ancillary costs while maintaining compliance.


Ensure Compliance with driver and vehicle data.


Analyze, Control, and Manage your resources.


Make Faster Decisions.

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Anticipate and manage time

With the Strada solution, meticulously track and analyze your drivers’ time. Our software allows you to make corrections to your drivers’ time, ensuring compliance with current regulations. Through a single interface, you can manage, notify, and anticipate time, avoiding unnecessary expenses at the end of the month.

Strada simplifies human resource management, ensuring efficient utilization of time.

Master your infractions by informing and training your team

With the Strada solution, we automatically calculate infractions related to your transportation profile, whether it’s for freight transport or coach services. Utilize the activity chart to easily visualize your infractions.

Through the infraction report, identify the causes, categories, and amounts by type or by drivers. You also have the option to generate letters to be handed to your drivers, ensuring transparency in handling infractions. Strada streamlines infraction management with just a few clicks, reinforcing compliance and the safety of your transport operations. 

Calculate road expenses : customized configuration based on your business activities

With the Strada solution, we automatically compute expenses and bonuses based on various parameters. The fundamental calculation occurs semi-automatically, adhering to specific transportation conventions (such as freight or coach services).

By incorporating driver geolocation, you gain exceptional precision in expense calculations. Additionally, the configuration of expense and bonus calculations can be tailored according to your company’s defined rules, streamlining administrative management.

Manage pre-payments

Our software provides you with direct access to your pre-payment reports, which you can easily share with your payroll provider. Additionally, you have the option to directly export driver data to your payroll software, streamlining the salary management process.

With Strada, you enhance the efficiency of your human resource management by automating and simplifying payroll data transmission, resulting in smoother and more accurate administrative management.

Analyze your business activity with our reporting 

Our software provides you with various reports that you can easily edit or export according to your needs. The primary report focuses on driver activities, offering a detailed view of time, expenses, infractions, and kilometers traveled over a specific period.

You can access the mileage report, which includes data related to drivers or vehicles, along with departure and arrival mileage indices, as well as the total for a specific timeframe. Strada also allows you to store relevant documents specific to your drivers or vehicles, simplifying the management of essential information for your business.

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