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Strada is your partner for the management, control and organization of your passenger transport fleet. Whether you operate buses, coaches, school or extracurricular transport, regular intercity transport, or other types of vehicles carrying passengers, we're here to help you comply with the legislative framework, reduce your operating costs and improve the efficiency of your vehicle fleet.

Whether your passenger transport fleet consists of 1 or over 1000 vehicles, our solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. We offer customizable, scalable tools to boost your business and guide you towards new successes in the key challenges of road passenger transport.

STRADA takes on the challenges of tomorrow

Challenge 1 - Adapt to changing technologies and customer expectations.

As part of the digital transition, passenger transport companies are facing major challenges, including interoperability and digitalization. The opening up of transport data, promoted by the 2019 Loi d'Orientation, encourages the emergence of innovative solutions such as multimodal ticketing and the interconnection of transport modes. Similarly, the spread of the concepts of intermodality and mobility as a service (MaaS) is transforming the organization of the sector by making the various modes of transport complementary. Autonomous shuttles, currently being tested, could revolutionize the sector in the long term. To remain competitive, companies need to seize these opportunities, adapt to new technologies and meet passengers' changing expectations.

Strada offers relevant digital solutions that enable you to digitize a maximum number of processes, thus guaranteeing the performance of your transport business.

Challenge 2 - Find sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions

With almost 99.4% of its fleet made up of diesel vehicles, according to the French Ministry of Ecological Transition, compliance with environmental standards is a priority. Companies in the sector are therefore committed to greening their operations, notably through initiatives such as the CO2 Label, which encourages the use of alternative energies. However, the lack of infrastructure and alternative energy sources to diesel is a major obstacle to this transition.

In this context, levers for reducing CO2 emissions, such as consumption and optimization, become essential. To meet this challenge, passenger transport companiesneed to step up their efforts to find sustainable and innovative solutions, thus responding to passengers' growing expectations in terms of environmental preservation.
Strada assists companies in setting up consumption monitoring systems, providing you with the relevant figures to manage your activities and consumption.

Challenge 3 - Face the competition: Accelerate your operations 

The challenge of price competition is driving the passenger transport industry to accelerate its efforts to optimize and control operations. Faced with a fiercely competitive market, companies are forced to find effective ways of reducing costs while maintaining service quality. This requires continuous optimization of operational processes, from route planning to the management of human and material resources.

Technological advances, such as fleet management systems and data analysis tools, play a crucial role in this process, enabling companies to make informed decisions and maximize their operational efficiency. Strada can help you implement innovative solutions to meet this challenge at your side!

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Opt for precise, real-time geolocation monitoring of your vehicles to assess their proximity to the delivery point or destination.

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Our solution simplifies the application of regulations by making it easier to manage your drivers' time!

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