Construction and Building 

Strada supports you with its solutions in managing your vehicle fleet to track your data, secure your resources, and comply with the legal framework. 


With the power of Strada solutions, gain full visibility into your transport operations in your construction activity. Geolocate your drivers and vehicles, navigate your operations, collect mandatory data... Discover the essential points to simplify fleet management and stay focused on your business! 

Compliance with legal framework for heavy goods vehicles over 3.5T 

To comply with legislation regarding heavy goods vehicles over 3.5 tons, it is essential to meet the legal requirements for driver card data collection (every 28 days) and tachograph unloading (every 90 days).

Thanks to Strada and our tools, collect, centralize, and archive all this legal and social data, ensuring flawless compliance.

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Fleet Management Optimization 

With Strada, optimize the management of your vehicle fleet in the construction sector. With our advanced real-time tracking solution, you have complete visibility over the location of your vehicles and drivers. This allows you to optimize routes to reduce travel times and fuel costs.

Simple and efficient navigation so you can focus solely on your profession! Geolocation also allows you to locate your assets and vehicles at any time, reducing the risk of theft or damage.

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Improvement of productivity and efficiency

Strada enhances productivity on your construction sites by offering resource optimization tools: fuel management, route definition, park maintenance management...

With our solution, you efficiently manage and organize your operations, minimize waiting times, and maximize the use of your equipment, resulting in overall greater efficiency and increased profitability. 


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Improvement of customer satisfaction

With our solution, you can provide transparency on deliveries, applied rates, thereby enhancing your customers' satisfaction. We help you optimize your transport operations for simple and efficient project delivery, meeting deadlines and budgets.

This transparency facilitates customer loyalty and strengthens your company's reputation. 

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