Specific Transports

Live animal transport, moving services, or truck crane transport...
Discover how Strada meets the needs of these specific transport requirements.

Strada supports all transport sector stakeholders,
including those with specific requirements.

At Strada, we understand that certain transport needs require special solutions. Whether you are a live animal transporter, a moving company, or a construction firm performing complex lifts, we have the right services for you.

Discover our tailor-made support and how we can help you meet your most specific requirements while complying with European Social Regulation (ESR).

Live Animal Transport 

Transporting live animals requires special attention and expertise. At Strada, we understand the importance of animal welfare during transportation. Our solutions are designed to provide maximum comfort in organizing and managing your transport activities while meeting the requirements of European Social Regulation (ESR).

Our Main Solutions for Live Animal Transport :

  • Transport Organization : We assist you in planning and organizing animal transport, considering all logistical and regulatory aspects: geolocation, route tracking, history, and more.

  • Driver and Truck Data Collection: With our solutions for optimizing your social data, we ensure precise monitoring of service hours, guaranteeing compliance with European Social Regulation.

  • Implementation of Sensors for Your Trailers: We support you in setting up sensors to monitor transport conditions, such as temperature and humidity, to ensure the real-time welfare of the animals.

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Moving Services  

Moving is a significant and often stressful step. At Strada, we provide solutions to help moving companies manage their operations in full compliance with European Social Regulation (ESR). Our IT solutions are designed to meet all the needs of transport and moving professionals.

Our Solutions for a Hassle-Free Move :

  • Management of Multiple Teams : We understand that moving can require multiple people in the same truck, including the driver and crew members. The regulation requires analyzing all working hours. With our SPI application, we facilitate the duplication of workdays for each team member, ensuring compliant service data. 

  • Regulatory Compliance and Transport Specificity : Movers are subject to the same regulations as road transporters. In this regard, Strada supports them in optimizing social data, including pre-payroll, fleet tracking with a geolocation system, and activity planning through a comprehensive TMS (Transport Management System).

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Crane and lift Transport 

Some transport operations require special equipment like cranes for lifting heavy or bulky objects. Strada supports these specialized companies with solutions designed to improve, manage, and optimize their transport activities. Our solutions simplify decision-making, provide real-time data access, and help meet legal and social obligations.

Our Solutions for Crane and Lift Transport : 

  • Activity Optimization: With our tools, crane and lift companies can manage and optimize their transport operations. Our solutions provide accurate, real-time information, facilitating decision-making and performance improvement.

  • Equipment Monitoring : Our devices enable the collection of information on the use of power take-offs (crane lifting) and activity duration. This data is essential for effective management and legal compliance.

  • Real-Time Data Access : Our solutions allow companies to access real-time data, crucial for monitoring and adjusting crane and lift operations. This includes equipment geolocation and usage monitoring.

By combining our transport expertise with advanced technologies, Strada ensures that specific transport needs are met in compliance with current standards.

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