Communicate with your drivers

Discover our SPI mobile application, which facilitates the management of driver operations and and simplifying communication with your entire team. 

What if your drivers could focus solely on the road ? 

With our mobile application, help your drivers save time in their daily tasks. With mobile access for everyone, all exchanges will be simplified and secured, allowing you to pilot and manage all your transport operations. For drivers, a unique and simple tool. For operators, communication and exchanges are optimized. 



Support drivers in managing their daily transport activities: Mission tracking


Centralize document management and information feedback with operations


Simplify the collection of activity data


Manage your drivers' routes  

Thanks to our application and interconnections with our planning solutions, your drivers can consult their daily schedule and instantly validate the progress of their assignments.

The operator can visualize completed missions in real time, collect transport documents and monitor the smooth running of your transport activity. A mobile solution that can be customized for any transport activity and unique to each driver. 

Stay in constant contact with your teams 

Our solution gives you a messaging system that lets you communicate directly with your drivers, facilitating exchanges on missions and routes. Operations remain close to your teams.

Thanks to on-board computing, the application tracks position, time and mileage. Strada pilot is a real driving aid, both for mission exchanges and activity analysis. 

Register transport documents  

Within the framework of electronic document management, our mobile solution enables you to scan, integrate and collect all useful transport documents: delivery notes, e-CRM... and to store drivers' personal documents: driving license, driver card, photo... A solution that simplifies administrative document management for operators. 

Remote download of driver card data 

With the SPI application, your drivers can use their smartphone or tablet to download their driver card at any time, anywhere. Using a card reader box or the time clock function, take advantage of remote downloading to collect mandatory driving data. 

The clocking-in and clocking-out function is also useful for knowing exactly what other employees are doing in real time, at the start and end of their shift. 

Keeping track of legal times   

In addition to remote unloading, the application offers a dashbord enabling drivers to monitor in real time their activity times over the course of the day or week. Thanks to this visibility, your drivers are autonomous, reducing the risk of infractions.


Download your SPI mobile application now!  

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Available via the Apple App Store for drivers with Iphone, and via Google Play for drivers with Android phones.