Drive Your Transportation Business 

Strada empowers you to manage your transportation business, from mission organization to transport billing.
Our intuitive and dynamic solution enhances your productivity. 

Plan and Track All Your Transportation Activities  

Efficiently manage your transportation operations with a transportation management solution. Centralize and oversee all your transportation logistics processes, from planning to execution, including tracking and data analysis. Gain complete visibility into your freight flows, resources, and costs, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your operational performance.

With our tool, streamline coordination among various stakeholders in your transportation business while ensuring commitment fulfillment and maximizing profitability. 


Benefits of Managing Your Transportation Business 

Efficient Resource Management :
Organize and manage your schedules to enhance resource productivity.


Informed Decision-Making :
Navigate unforeseen challenges while making well-informed decisions.


Customer Satisfaction Assurance :
Ensure client satisfaction by delivering reliable transportation services

Key Features of Our Solution

Enhance Customer Interactions with Our Web Access Client Solution

With our solution, your clients can access their data in real time, benefiting from increased autonomy and streamlined exchanges. From order entry to label printing, transport tracking, and invoice submission, our platform simplifies the entire process.

This functionality significantly boosts your operational efficiency, fosters better communication among stakeholders, and enhances the overall client experience, ultimately adding value to your services.

Comply with CO2 Label Standards 

In today’s business landscape, many companies need, or even have an obligation, to understand the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) generated by their transportation activities. From an attractiveness and environmental responsibility perspective, it’s crucial to have a clear view of your environmental impact across your entire fleet and be able to present precise data in this regard.

Strada supports its clients by providing an end-to-end solution that meets various levels of requirements set by the Environmental Agency and Energy Management (ADEME). Our solution calculates GHG emissions, empowering our clients to comprehend and manage their fleet’s carbon footprint effectively and transparently at the desired scale.


Efficiently Manage Your Transportation Activities with Planning

Explore our dedicated transportation operations software featuring comprehensive planning functionality. Planning, steering, and organizing your activities have never been easier. Benefit from a flexible and well-structured workspace to optimize, track, organize, and anticipate your needs, as well as enhance daily resource management.

Our planning tool allows you to easily construct routes, providing clear visibility into the progress of your drivers’ missions based on their operational zones, whether short or long distances. You can also assess task completion effortlessly.

Combined with event management, our planning feature offers optimal resource utilization control, enabling commitment fulfillment while optimizing costs.

Boost Productivity with Digitalization

Our digital solution enables real-time information delivery to your clients through communication channels tailored to your activities and various stakeholders—whether clients, suppliers, or subcontractors.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows seamless integration of transmitted orders and efficient information exchange with clients and suppliers, ensuring smooth and effective communication.

With our SPI application, you can communicate with your drivers regardless of their geographical location. Receive real-time field information, enabling swift responses to potential changes or incidents.

Electronic Consignment Note (E-CMR) streamlines the handling of waybills, providing practical and efficient document management for your drivers and administrative teams.

In summary, our solution ensures productivity gains, profitability, and convenience for all your collaborators.

Analyze Data with Clear Dashboards 

Our reporting feature provides clear and accessible data over defined periods, facilitating analysis and decision-making for all involved parties. Periodically track operation progress and establish relevant performance indicators for your business.

By centralizing documents related to orders, invoices, disputes, and other administrative aspects, our tool enhances efficiency. No more juggling between different files and platforms—everything is consolidated in one place. This centralization streamlines searches and enables swift responses to all administrative requests from your partners.

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