Road Freight Transportation 

Discover our software solutions that meet the needs of road freight transportation. 

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Strada offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions that perfectly meets the needs of freight transport companies, focusing on material and human management, planning and invoicing, and regulatory compliance.     

With rich functional coverage, such as remote tachograph downloading and legal file processing, as well as on-board solutions, you can manage your operations with efficiency and peace of mind. 

Our aim is to provide you with high-performance solutions that make your day-to-day life easier, and meet the challenges of the years to come. 

Our mission :

Addressing the challenges of road freight transportation 

Road freight transportation faces a series of major challenges that can hinder operational efficiency, profitability, and safety. As a player in the transportation market, Strada acknowledges these challenges and strives to provide innovative software solutions to help companies overcome them.

Challenge 1 - Digitalization of Processes

In 2023, it's no longer feasible for companies to lose precious hours managing time-consuming tasks such as data entry, clocking, or invoicing. Strada offers software solutions that automate and streamline these processes, allowing managers and operators to focus on high-value activities.

Save time in the animation and management of your transport operations.Increase performance and productivity.Spend less energy on complex planning...Strada solutions offer operational efficiency in optimizing your workflows and centralize all your data in powerful and secure tools.

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Challenge 2 - Safety and Compliance

In the demanding world of road freight transportation, safety and compliance are non-negotiable imperatives.

Strada stands out as a trusted partner to businesses with its software solutions designed to enhance both the safety of people and goods, ensure regulatory compliance, and optimize transport operations.

Analyzing driver performance, managing infractions, tracking driving and rest times, as well as adhering to other legal requirements, are crucial elements to avoid penalties and maintain operational fluidity.

Strada offers comprehensive solutions that guarantee compliance with current regulations, allowing companies to focus on organizing and efficiently managing their freight transportation activities. Together, we contribute to strengthening your competitiveness and reputation in this market.

Challenge 3 - Fleet Competitiveness and Cost Optimization.

In a competitive market where every advantage counts, the competitiveness of your transportation fleets and cost optimization are crucial challenges. Strada positions itself as a strategic partner by offering its clients a comprehensive range of tools and solutions to maximize the performance of their operations. 

Through our advanced software solutions, we enable transport companies to have a clear and detailed view of all their operations. From route planning to load optimization, and driver and vehicle management, our tools provide high operational efficiency. 

By analyzing real-time data and identifying all opportunities, our clients can make informed decisions that optimize their performance and reduce costs. Whether it's reducing wait times, minimizing miles traveled, or improving resource utilization, our solutions are designed to give you a competitive edge.

With Strada as a partner, transport companies can meet the challenge of competitiveness by optimizing their operational performance and reducing costs, allowing them to remain a key player in an ever-evolving market.

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